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Whether you're a property investor, your mortgage is up for renewal, or you're looking to purchase your first home, there are options for you. I can show you how to save time and money with your mortgage because I don't work for a bank - I work for you. It’s my job to get you the best deal and to invest in your financial future.

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Hi, I'm Claire! I have been in this Mortgage and Finance game since 2007. So if you think there is a market or scenario I haven’t seen before, you are probably wrong! I became a licensed Mortgage Broker in 2009 and have built my entire business on hard work and honesty.

When I’m not in the office I can be found watching my kids at a hockey rink, basketball court, football field or at the cheer gym. I am an avid home cook and love trying out new recipes. As a dog lover, mine has become both my therapist and my personal trainer.

I believe everyone has a story and just needs a plan to achieve their goals. Lets work together to make yours a reality!

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Because I work with a wide variety of lenders I can access competitive, lower-than-advertised interest rates. Check back often to see how these rates compare to average bank rates.
All of these rates posted are for INSURED mortgages. If you aren't sure what that means, give me a call and I'd be happy to explain.
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